What Makes us Different

We are the only cleaner in Orange County to use Green Earth Cleaning. Green Earth is pure liquid silicone, a safe, natural byproduct of sand. Traditional cleaners use a petroleum based solvent called perc. Perc has been linked to many serious health problems including types of cancer and birth defects. Many dry cleaners disguise their use of perc by using misleading words to describe their cleaning process. Some even use terms such as chemical free, earth friendly or environmentally safe. The DEC and EPA regulate perc as a toxic contaminant and is a probable carcinogen that is harmful to humans. For more information visit www.greenearthcleaning.com.

Vintage pressing equipment:
Sometimes older is better. We use vintage pressing equipment that dates back to the 40ís & 50ís. Why? It does a better job. Newer more automated equipment is air operated and does not allow the operator to change the head pressure or the amount of steam. Different fabrics require different head pressures & steam. For example, silk gets a hard press with very little steam. Corduroy gets more steam and a very light press.
  • We are the only cleaner in the area to offer a money back guarantee
  • Shirt buttons replaced free of charge, without asking
  • Men's & woman's clothes are bagged separately for your convenience
  • Garments are pressed to perfection
  • Orders are ready on time, every time
  • Competitively priced and our prices are the same for men's & woman's clothing
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